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Let the professionals from ABC Air Conditioning and Heating Specialist Inc™ optimize the health, cleanliness, and comfort of your home.  We provide Indoor Air Quality audits for our customers throughout Central Florida, determining the exact nature of concerns and developing a customized strategy for improvement.  Very often, people tend to overlook the integrity of ductwork and suffer the consequences. Considering that the air you and your family breathes passes through the duct system multiple times per day, the cleanliness of this branching network of pipes is a priority.  Proper maintenance not only protects the efficiency and reliability of cooling and heating equipment but promotes a safer and more enjoyable living environment.

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Contaminants, which are concealed and built up within the duct system, can be spread throughout the home every time the cooling/heating equipment starts up.  Along with dust, pollen, dander, bugs, webs, and even decomposing rodents, our local weather encourages moisture, mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow within the HVAC system.  Consequences such as musty smells, inferior comfort, headaches, sore throat, itchy eyes, frequent sneezing and aggravated symptoms of asthma and allergy can be blamed directly on dirty ducts.

An accumulation of debris within the ducts blocks airflow, placing added strain on cooling/heating equipment, and leading to higher energy bills, hot/cold spots, and more frequent malfunction.  Fortunately, the solution is straightforward, quick, non-invasive, and cost-effective. ABC Air Conditioning and Heating Specialist Inc™ provides professional duct cleaning services throughout Orlando, Oviedo, Cocoa, Rockledge and Merritt Island, FL. Our factory authorized professionals take advantage of industry-leading technology to access the entirety of the system without causing damage or mess.  Contact us at 407-588-9078 for convenient appointment times, further information, and quick turnaround on all projects.

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