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Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Might Not Be Working Upstairs

Jul 26, 2017 admin
The air near your ceiling is for sure warmer than the air near the floor and you probably remember at some point feeling warmer upstairs than you do downstairs....


HVAC Care for All Pet Owner's Out There

Jul 19, 2017 admin
As a pet owner, we are all aware of the things we have had to sacrifice in order to keep our faithful furry companions around. Dander and hair from...


Hurricane Season and Your HVAC System

Jul 12, 2017 admin
If you live in Central Florida, you’re aware that Hurricane season is upon us and that the upcoming months are the most active of all. Hurricanes are virtually unpredictable,...


Setting and Saving While on Vacation

Jul 5, 2017 admin
We’re now in the middle of summer and what that means for most families is prime vacation time. If you are getting ready to hit the road for your...


How Paint Color Affects Energy Efficiency

Jun 28, 2017 admin
One of the fun things about being a homeowner is that you have the choice to do pretty much whatever you want when it comes to decor and design....


Dirty Filter Truths

Jun 16, 2017 admin
Ever wonder how your HVAC System’s airflow works? Well, like the human respiratory system breathing in and out, so too does your HVAC system. Just like us, your HVAC...


How to Prevent Your HVAC System from Pests

Jun 9, 2017 admin
In order for your HVAC System to function properly there must be a balance between the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. This can leave an opening for any...


The 411 About Carbon Monoxide

Jun 2, 2017 admin
When it comes to carbon monoxide your life can potentially be at serious risk. Carbon monoxide poisoning affects over 20,000 people per year with a small percentage of those...


Is It Safe To Run Your A/C Unit During A Central Florida Thunderstorm

May 27, 2017 admin
During Central Florida’s summer months, we expect to have afternoon thunderstorms daily, with hot and humid temperatures present before and after the storm. This obviously makes you want to...


Signs of Mold and the Effect it has on Your HVAC

May 20, 2017 admin
Mold can be found almost everywhere. Wherever there is a more than a normal amount of moisture, mold will follow. Since Central Florida is known for its warm tropical...


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