Commercial & Industrial Air Duct Cleaning

The Air You’re Breathing Could Be Making You Sick
Cleaning and properly maintaining your buildings air conditioning and heating system will improve your indoor air quality and protect your tenants and/or employees health and safety.

You feel bad when you are in the environment, but when you leave the home the symptoms disappear. This bad air coming from your air ducts can cause headaches, watery eyes, sore throat, nausea, skin disorders and fatigue.

ABC Cleaning, Inc. can provide you with an indoor air quality audit, profile the contaminants that exist, and develop a program to eliminate or bring them to an acceptable level.

In Florida, many buildings have a serious air quality problem, usually as a result of moisture. Moisture plays an important role in promoting the growth and spread of mold in your air ducts. Spores from mold growth may be released into your buildings work space. Build-up of spores and other air pollutants in the air you’re breathing is enough to make you sick!

The Solution – Let Us Clean Your Air Ducts

Some of the procedures that ABC Cleaning, Inc can employ are air duct cleaning, A/C adjustments for proper relative humidity levels, proper filtration, mold remediation, dust mites control, and pet allergen removal.
And, at ABC Cleaning, Inc. we offer a yearly maintenance and disinfecting program to maintain a healthy office or building.

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